Exterior Construction

The facade while best known for its aesthetic benefits also provides structural support for a building as well as vertical weatherproofing for the interior spaces. All three of these components should be analyzed during facade restoration. By performing a thorough analysis of the building’s facade prior to design, Mobitron Group provides a detailed list of our findings and recommendations for immediate repairs as well as preventative maintenance to address all three of the facades functions.

At Mobitron Group we believe that the key to a successful facade restoration project often occurs before the contractor arrives on-site. A thorough and detailed pre-construction effort including preliminary investigation, preparation of contract documents, bid process and review, pre-construction meeting(s) and review of all mock-ups and submittals will often eliminate unnecessary costs and construction delays.

The appurtenances of a facade (balconies, fire escapes, etc.) often deteriorate faster than the facade itself and therefore require particular attention and often increased maintenance. Repairs to these elements should be addressed in a manner that will prolong the useful life of the appurtenance as well as the repairs performed. As a well versed and experienced facade restoration consultant, Mobitron Group can assist in all phases of facade restoration.